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It’s better to be a good reader than a good writer…


My book, The Temp Job: A Survivial Guide for the Contingent Worker (2017), offers straight-forward, no-nonsense advice to anyone navigating today’s gig economy. My white paper: Refined, Ready, Accepted: Backlog Management for the Successful Agile Development Team (2017), explains that by adhering to standards of Ready and Accepted for development work, Agile teams are moreContinue reading “Publications”

Blog: When I'm Not at Work…

I often write about work. Topics include Agile best practices, leadership, and consulting. My blog “When I’m Not at Work: Technology, politics, and other stuff that doesn’t matter” contains a number of business-related articles.

Blog: 365 Days of Simple Gratitude

My other blog, “365 Days of Simple Gratitude: Making America Grateful Again” contains excerpts from the last five years of my daily Gratitude Journal (published daily on my Facebook site). We all have so much to be grateful for…I hope these posts remind you of your many blessings.

Blog: Deep Thoughts on Medium

Many of my articles on Medium seek to illuminate the human condition in all its forms of denial. Medium is a paid site, which allows only a limited number of views per month. With that said, I read more here than anywhere else. Check it out.

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