About Us

Project Management, Business Analysis, Technical Writing

image Pierce/Wharton Research provides business analysis, project management, and technical writing services to support software development and IT infrastructure projects. Clients include pharmaceutical, bio-med, and other industries utilizing managed services and solutions consulting vendors.

Software development: My background includes experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle (full SDLC) in both Agile and Waterfall projects.

Enterprise Systems: Many of my projects support clients with large-scale, diverse, and complex e-commerce, manufacturing supply chain (track & trace), CRM, service management, custom application and system enhancement projects.

Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid: Methodology is essential, but so is scaleability. A client supporting quality systems with supply chain traceability has different needs than a iPhone app start-up. We'll help you strike the right balance.

DITA and Single-Sourced Content : My information architecture and content management methodologies utilize topic-based information types and structured authoring standards such asĀ Oasis DITA. Defining information types and adhering to international standards ensures your documentation is modular, scaleable, portable and most importantly: useable.